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Weather around the Miller Place area can get rather complex. We deal with heat that pours it on thick in the summer, and our winters can present plenty of challenge as well. That means to keep comfortable in your home, you need comprehensive solutions of the highest quality, products and services that match your needs perfectly, and a team that can provide them both absolutely flawlessly. When your home or business needs HVAC service, you can always turn to the certified professionals at Polar Bear Air ! We’ve been the leading providers of comprehensive care and top-class HVAC service in Long Island for well over half a century.

HVAC Installation

A new home comfort system needs to be both robust and efficient in order to counter our sweltering summers and cool winter nights. Greens Energy will provide you with a full home assessment, taking into account factors like square footage, the condition of your insulation, your windows and doors, and more so that we can provide you with an optimal HVAC unit that will maintain your comfort dependably.

HVAC Replacement

Modern home heating and cooling systems are constructed to last a long time these days, but they aren’t built to last forever. Is your furnace beginning to fail, or is your heat pump constantly in need of costly repair? Our experts can help you pick out the ideal new home comfort solution to keep you comfortable all year long.

Professional HVAC Maintenance

Over time, your heating and cooling systems accumulate dust, internal damage, and a whole host of other complications that lead to untimely replacements and expensive repairs. An HVAC maintenance agreement with Polar Bear Air will provide your equipment with the cleaning, diagnostics, calibrations, and tuning it needs in order to keep working at its best for years to come.

Commercial HVAC Services

Your business depends on a reliable, effective means of remaining comfortable all year long. Your productivity, and the comfort of your employees, associates, and clients depend on it! We know well how critical perfect service is to a commercial business, and our professionals offer only the very best to meet your Miller Place, NY commercial HVAC needs.

Our HVAC professionals provide:

  • Commercial HVAC installation

  • Commercial HVAC repair services

  • Commercial HVAC maintenance

Things We Do.

We have a team of professionals in Miller Place who have the expertise and knowledge to deal with any kind of issues that you may face with your HVAC or Heating. We specialize in repairing the following:

HVAC Installation Miller Place

Air Conditioning Miller Place

Ductless Heating & Cooling Miller Place

Heating Systems Miller Place

Commercial HVAC Miller Place

Water Heaters HVAC

Commercial HVAC Services Miller Place

Emergency HVAC Repair Miller Place

Air conditioner Repair Miller Place

Air conditioner replacement Miller Place

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